October 13th, 2016 Dinner


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Gary and his wife Debbie live in the Carthage area and he is the father of 5 beautiful children.  He grew up in Theresa NY and attended Indian River Central School.  Gary has worked in many professions in his life alongside many talented people.  His last factory job was in area of maintenance as a machinist.  In 2002 that job ended with a chronic back injury but that’s not the end of the story.  Thank God all that changed in 2008 and now he calls himself semi-retired because he knows God is not done using him yet!  Gary has served in many capacities at his local church including Deacon, Sunday school teacher, Royal Ranger Commander and now helps in the area of sound with the worship team.  He says the following about serving God, “I cannot turn back, for I have entered into an irrevocable contract with God.  I have committed my life to Jesus Christ and He has given me eternal life.”  Come and be encouraged as Gary shares his life changing experience with Jesus.  Friends, if you are in a difficult place there is hope!!