Who Are We?

As a local Chapter of FGBMFI we are part of a global movement of Christian laymen.  We are businessmen, farmers, police officers, construction workers, teachers, plumbers, government workers, soldiers, pastors, men from all walks of life and every denomination.  We are being used by God to help bring in the last great harvest through the outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We are not a church.  We are a service arm to the church.  We are volunteers.  We work alongside the local church, leading men to Christ, helping them to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and then referring them to the local church to become mature and contributing members.


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(Chapter meeting Sept. 2016)

Front kneeling (left to right):  Richard Devine, Steve Weller, Roger Keltner

Back (standing left to right):  Brian Kaufmann, Armando Hernandez, Brad Kaopuiki, Vince Cavallario (speaker), Cliff Carr, Frank Kessler, Morris Parish, Chris Lall

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